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The four tracks on this demo swirl through the mists of Milk's effects pedals, drawing the listener towards the prowling pout of singer Beth. Unwrite and NotNow are stomping industrial monsters, noise threatening to shear your cochlea clean away as they drive into your head, on the back of momentous bass lines. Reel to Real is less direct but no less disorientating. impressive and compelling stuff. Meatbreak reviews Reel to Real.

The Mekano Set get us all worked up with the promise of a song called 'Dirty Hand Job', and then totally spoil the mood by being goths. They may not look like goths in their MySpace photo, but delve into the "show more pics" we find them posing in front of a church door. In black overcoats. They do that kind of polished, angry-female synth-assisted rock that served Garbage and Evanescence so well, and are about as menacing as a Crow soundtrack. Emily Strange Mackay @ The Stool Pigeon.

Still lamenting for the loss of a heavier Republica? Yearning for a group to fill the chasm of the increasingly errant Garbage? Would the idea of Massive Attack with a confrontational front woman please you? Then The Mekano Set are for you.

Powering with swathes of keyboards and subtle programming, this Brighton-based [trio] are far removed from the current popular mainstream... 'The Hand' has singer Beth wrenching melancholic vocal melodies from the book of PJ Harvey, while nefarious guitar lines lurk throughout... The pulsing beats of 'UnWrite' are half Jan Hammer / half Nine Inch Nails angst, with [Milk's] distorted vocals riding tandem with [Beth's] seductive whispers. The whole effect is like entering an 80's burlesque club in the middle of filming Miami Vice. The quagmire of sounds doesn't make it the best track on the EP though, and at times [the track] lacks in dynamics.

'Not Now' is a relaxed affair, allowing the music to breath and a chance to hear the intricate layering of Milk's guitar / programming / effects, which are pretty impressive when it's coming from one man.

House of Cards certainly recalls the Kate Bush comparisons that Mekano might / might not enjoy, but it's a good closing track, reveling in its own ambient malevolence. ALI MACQUEEN @ http://www.rockfeedback.com/

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The Mekano Set