The Mekano Set May 2013

I've become a bit impatient. Anxious to make more sounds. I'm currently on holiday (well, obviously I've brought a load of recording gear, microphones and a guitar with me). But a change of scene is always good I reckon for rebooting the imagination...

Recording the sounds of a house with a lot of clocks, a cat and two chickens. Singing in the dunes. I have an idea.

It's been a pretty productive year for us I think. We split the atom of our usual output with Behind The Sins: half documentary, half adventure in sounds and spaces. http://themekanoset.bandcamp.com/album/behind-the-sins-o-s-t  and it really feels like we have a lot more freedom in terms of sounds and arrangements as a result. Songs have always felt like little 'places' to me and we can now explore some new and mysterious locations... http://outsidehahaharem.viinyl.com/

Justine enjoying the British summer

Got some fresh mixes together: http://reaching-out-shoegrime-mix.viinyl.com/

http://skintoo.viinyl.com/  /  http://scarreddemo.viinyl.com/

Fine-tuned some early works: http://donteatallofthesweets.viinyl.com/

A new video made from our adventures on the shores of Imercia: http://youtu.be/ZwnxRsODSA0

And some outtakes (harr harr): http://youtu.be/AoA8eWpHl-4

A couple of new projects are starting to take shape that I'm really, really excited about: http://crashback.viinyl.com/ (sworn to secrecy on the other one, sorry). And there's going to be a new EP by Stray Dog City when I've finished mixing the beast.

An ace review of Hahaharem from My Aural Fixation: http://www.myauralfixation.com/2013/05/the-mekano-set-hahaharem.html

L-R: GIR (Invader Zim) + The Mekano Set + The Prisoner

The latest copy of Elegy Magazine (http://www.elegy.fr/) features a great interview with us and it was great to be questioned by a journalist who had really done her research and touched on some issues close to our hearts. Well worth a read.

Rehearsals in Brighton

In other news, our next gig is a big one. We're playing Dark Waters Festival in Nottingham supporting Post-Punk band Skeletal Family: http://www.ministryofgoth.co.uk/darkwaters/

Due to other commitments (Uni workload and a growing obsession with cycling) guitarist Lee won't be joining us for this one, but to make things interesting our fiend Chucky will be helping out with a vast array of found sounds, feedback, location sounds and delicious sonic textures.

Chucky was a vital part of Behind The Sins as a location scout and sculptor of sounds, and without her it wouldn't have happened. So it's great to have her on board and no doubt this will make for some exciting sonic adventures on stage as well as off.

On the road...

My ongoing obsession with all thing King Midas Sound / Kev Martin has fresh fuel in the form of the delicious Aro. Totally nailed the Noise + Groove = tune:

And I've just discovered this:

And I still get a kick out of this:

And I still think you all need to go see this:


Shoegrime / Soulgaze / Shoegaze

"A carnal groove. I'm thinking bass from The Cure, Orange Juice vocals and New Order beats, a trance-like early '90s Curve aura..." Ace review of Hahaharem by My Aural Fixation:


All of this must be leading somewhere

We drove all night, towards the sun, and as the sun came up and set the shattered windscreen alight, we fell asleep, the car still driving.  http://outsidehahaharem.viinyl.com/