Patron Saint of Blasphemy

Allo lovelies. Hope you get a holiday and hope you get to enjoy it. Here's a brand spanking new track hot off the desk. Time now for feet up, wine and biscuits.

Cheers everyone. xxx


Oh, and we also tumbl... http://themekanoset.tumblr.com/

P.S. Thanks to DJ Cruel Britannia for reminding us, the Maastricht Circle is also available @ EMUSIC.



Maastricht Circle, the new EP, has just gone up on Spotify. http://open.spotify.com/album/2JPrdaYNAOz0cNWjLkPOeF

And at iTunes Store. Why not indulge yourself. And us. It is nearly Christmouse after all.

I should point out that this is the first release that doesn't feature any guest vocals. It's very much a homegrown affair and much more cohesive and coherent as a result. Early on we were hoping that Nigel would be able to contribute some noises but he's been tied up with Uni, and Sahara is in Paris.

What else? So I was saying to a friend again last week about how we never write any lyrics down. It's only when you say these things out loud that you realize how odd they might sound. Which is the opposite of what I think our lyrics are: the important thing is that they sound good - not how they look on paper. This isn't poetry after all.

I don't care if something is pretentious. Being pretendtious (as Jo Staples puts it) saves lives. It's not pretentiousness people have a problem with, it's newness, excess, bravery, originality.

We're braver than any macho rock band. We do our thing, our way, with our sounds. What's rebellious or rock and roll about trying to sound exactly like your heroes? I guess we're just not sexually repressed enough.

We never sit down and try to write a song 'about' something. I've tried, and it just becomes too much like hard work. It's much more fun and rewarding to just let it sort of happen by itself. Like a lot of things in life I guess.

Saturday was a lot of fun by the way. From what I can remember of it. We did a slow, Casio Keyboard drums Christmouse version of Sweets. And a new song that I'm tempted to put up online somewhere, even though it's only a demo recording.

Sorry about the web site being down by the way - we weren't notified it was due to expire. Should be back up in a day or so.

Thanks to Al at Elementary Records for getting the EP up and out into the worlds.