Rather excited to say that we'll be playing live in London on Friday 6th April. Freakscene @ Heroes, Kentish Town. Thanks to Beth (Blindness) for dropping our name in a few ears for this one (she's one of the DJ's at this excitable Shoegaze / Noise Rock / Experimental night). Sounds perfecto!

So we've been talking about doing something a bit special for this one. If you've followed our antics over the past few years, and if you're in two minds about whether to do London for this one, you will quite possibly cry AND then beat yourself up if you give this a miss.

Tickets are £8 - if you drop us a line at mekanoset@gmail.com we'll stick you on the reduced (£6) list.



Meanwhile, help yourselves to a fresh batch of singles:

On the menu today we have:

Industrial-Strength Trip-Hop http://imthinkingaboutit.viinyl.com/

A fresh, subterranean escapade with an almost cheerful discovery at the end: http://reachingout.viinyl.com/

Down-tempo, dirty beats / bass / noisescape: http://offender.viinyl.com/

Milk snapped by BeatnikSoup. Live snap by MsDee.

The Mekano Set



"I want to be with those who know secret things, or else alone." Rainer Maria Rilke.

Continuing on with our Viinyl Singles series, we have a number of unusual remixes:

A mix of Beads that was damaged in a fire:

A mix of Glass Keys that got left out in the rain over-night: http://glasskeysraindamagedmix.viinyl.com/

In other news, we assembled in London and Brighton last week for a spot of recording. Next week we'll hopefully be hatching some plans for live antics.

The Mekano Set