Extract from Train of Thought - a video / performance with live soundtrack by Abstinence & Sensibility (Jo Stapleton / Beatnik Soup, and Milk / The Mekano Set): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CGWdi2rfMUE

The song 'Brentford is Well Buggy' is available @ the iTunes Store: http://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/brentford-is-well-buggy/id307921362?i=307921366&uo=6



Exhausted. The last two weeks have been all work AND play for Messrs. Mekano. I've had one nights sleep in five days. Scents and sounds make flashbacks to fun. We're not nihilists, we're romantics with criminal records.

The Albert gigs were superb - thank you to everyone that turned up (some unexpected faces in the crowd!). I think it's fair to say that Wrapped in Plastic delivered the most stylish, sophisticatedly sexy noise we've heard all year.


Really good to catch up with Garfield and the WIP girls over a 10 hour marathon of drinks and oldschool indie / post-punk tunage. Snuff, tears, laughter and salt-on-skin. Expect more Albert take-over action in the new year! NuGaze anyone?

We'll spare you the details of the rest of the evening, but I will say that we may have accidentally drank until dawn, I now know what someone else's Dental Retainer tastes like, and we discovered how popular Sahara is with posh gay ladies. No surprises really. And a fully-clothed, almost well-behaved Oli Spleen? It'll all be going in the book no doubt.

Sahara and Ruse spent a couple of days larking about on Brighton beach in the freezing wind recording footage for what looks like an animated children's story (cheers to my Gran for the vintage tiny suitcase - which I promise we did not break - and SolventBoy for the vintage dress - which I promise I did not try on whilst leaping around saying 'it's fiiiinnneeee' over and over again). Hopefully we'll find out what that's all about soon.

The Mekano Set are doing Brighton again on Friday 4th December - we're planning on doing a lo-fi, ambulant, clockwork, bontempis and tape loops set upstairs at Carolineo of Brunswick (we've been talking about doing this for the past four years!). So expect something dressy and different. An additional to the usual last-friday of the month Infernal Salon in the form of a SteamPunk Christmoose Party. So dig out your clockwork houndstooth drinking trousers!

Also quite chuffed to say that me and Jo 'Pickles' Stapleton will be attending The Chap's Grand Anarcho-Dandyist Ball the evening after!

In the words of Marmalade Atkins: "OK, let's go to the toilet..."

Special thanks for ace snaps by Howzey & MsDee.

Mekano Set Flickr Group.



Unfortunately we're not going to be able to make it to Leeds for the Amalgamation Festival this month. However, if you're in the area and you're in the mood for some militant industrial / punk / goth noise please show your support: www.amalgamation.org.uk