Things get weird with The Mekano Set: Emotion Wave 9 = Liverpool 81 Renshaw Street

Saturday night show was sublime, refreshing and a load of fun. 81 Renshaw is one of Liverpool's hidden gems: a perfectly sized live room with a great sound system, hidden away behind an unassuming, un-hipsterish cafe and brilliant record store full of Post-Punk, Psych, Hawkwind and cool Jazz on vinyl. Emotion Waves is a night devoted purely to adventurous, contemporary electronic music - and that's as far as restrictive genres go.

Emotion Wave's crew were so welcoming and their pure love of music / sound / noise was immediately apparent. They're putting on nights for the love of music, not their own egos, opinions or posturing. There was no sense of competition or info-dumping. 

We did a fairly chilled set including a couple of songs from our brand-new CD. I mean, chilled for us. So it was still a bit disturbing. And Rachela, our secret weapon materialized for the last song (the still un-released, still evolving NotNow) for a ritualistic dance to finish things off in style.  I haven't listened to the recording yet but there's a link at the bottom of this post.

It was genuinely enjoyable (even if I was a bit very under-rehearsed). The on-stage sound was nicely balanced, I could hear our sound echoing in the room with a real sense of... spaciousness. Or something.

Even the moment when I completely messed up the beat of a song, rendering it completely unrecognisable and us unable to find the groove to sing became something genuinely funny and entertaining. "This is for all you lizards out there..." Because as we all know, Pete Price is a Lizard.

Here's a pretty frank and in-depth interview I did for the Emotion Wave show: https://medium.com/@emotionwave/the-mekkano-set-q-a-eed5eab5b0f4

And some ace snaps below thanks to TomyBlue:



Imaginary Weather - our latest adventure in sounds and spaces - has entered into the really real world as a rather slick looking Digipack.


It's a strange place to be in now it's all done and dusted. It's been a massively productive twelve months (and more). I've learned so much and it feels like we're better able than ever to realize the sounds in our heads. 

Imaginary Weather - to my ears at least - manages to include all of our essential ingredients: the cinematic vibe, the drones and extra-demnsional noises, the heavyweight grooves and the glimpses of dawn through a smeared windscreen. It's very "cinematic" according to some early adopters.

So we should probably take a well earned rest. I'm having days where I'm not doing anything which is really out of character for me. I feel like it's a good sign to not just be diving into the next project. But we've also been rehearsing - jamming / remixing a set of songs from now and then, and working on a couple of new ideas. A couple of really great collaborations in the works too.

We have a really exciting gig coming up on Saturday. Here's an interview I did with the night's organisers which was a lot of fun:




 We're playing live on Saturday 25 June: Emotoin Wave @ 81 Renshaw Street



Dystopian Daze

We never dreamed that the future would look like this. A new age of superstition, scapegoats, victim blaming and the currency of fear. Misanthropes and xenophobes and greed guide the fate of nations. Freedoms reduced and no good can ever come of that. Nationalism is a vanity, where vanity is a kind of pride in something you don't really have. What a world.

With my fellow Mekano Set co-conspirators scattered across the planet. Distant transmissions firing off across boarders, received by failing equipment. Uncertainty. Things lost in translation. Words come out all wrong. Everyone being pushed, tested, shoved through emotional / intellectual / spiritual grinders. Surviving.

And I waste too much time and energy on negativity. So I must balance that out. I have to put some of that energy into something productive, something positive. It's easy to be angry, it's more challenging to do something with that anger.

So we pushed ourselves and we had a proper night out on Saturday playing with Esa Shields at Dumbulls in Liverpool. We improvized a bit, dusted off Dirty Hand Job and NotNow. We took new song The Diseffect for a spin and finished off our set with an element of surprise: a fire dance that happened unannounced in the middle of the dancefloor.

Rachele conjuring The Mekan -  Photo: Tomy Farrant

I think I got the beats and bass bigger and clearer than ever; my guitar in full deep-space reverse-filth mode; a dash of vocodered cymbal and the addition of some pulsating analog synths and reverby sax from Jez; noise, words and objects by Jewelly MePresents; and wonderful projections from Simon Jones and Projectile Vomit: there were some definite Hawkwind moments I reckon. We just need to find our Lemmy...

It had been a while since we'd done anything live because I'd devoted so much time over the last year to finishing Imaginary Weather. So it was a nice way to celebrate it's completion. It's available now on our bandcamp and will be out on CD, iTunes, Spotify, Amazon etc. soon.


Imaginary Weather is available now:

Thanks to Esa Shields for inviting us to play, Dumbulls crew for making us feel welcome, Rachele Cerelli for fire and movements and Chucky for turning up even though her breaks weren't working.

More pics from the event: https://www.facebook.com/pg/tomybluePhoto/photos/?tab=album&album_id=10155898157908306

Some recent pics + videos: https://www.instagram.com/mekanoset/