November casts us in its crisp, autumnal light. The Autumn, as we often claim, is our season...

I've been in Brighton for November. The autumn sun keeps the cold at bay.

Tonight - Friday 30th November - we are putting on a deep, sugar-glazed, strawberries and cream evening of beautiful amorphous noises.

Join us at The Hope and Anchor, Islington, North London, where we will have live sets from the lush, dirty-dreampop of grimy Shoegaze / Trip-hoppers SPC-ECO, atomized electro-punk noise-scapes from Valeska Valcav and our own unpredictable set of angsty beats / bass riffs and guitar plugged-into-the-TARDIS adventures. Plus some ace eclectic DJ sets, smoke machines and all manner of magic lantern devices. https://www.facebook.com/events/210380279084680/

In the meantime, if you haven't already, you can download a new edition of our eZine, which features some reviews of recent gigs and the last ep, plus some lush hi-fi photo fun:http://www.mekanoset.net/visuals/2012/TheMekanoSet_NoiseLetter_HahaharemEdition.pdf