So, after a couple of weeks of practicing our card tricks, trundling through mini-blizzards, napping on the beach, rewiring dysfunctional noise making devices and rehearsing in a pool-house, we managed to find our way to a gig in London on Friday night. Big thank yous to everyone who came out and risked the dash for last trains etc. Messy funs!

I have to offer extra top-shelf special thanks to Lee, Justine, Beth, Chucky, Belle, Jim, Rollo, Pete, Richard and Symptomatic for being there and making it worthwhile.

(Beth and Milk checking their levels)

For those of you who weren't there, we were joined on stage by Beth for an impromptu version of Mekano anthem Reel to Real. We really should get that song onto Spotify etc. shouldn't we? There is a version on Grooveshark, I think it's been ripped from a demo CD but it's not bad.

(Justine insulating herself from electric shockery)

Despite the sound man leaving the venue moments after we took to the stage (OK, so we mix ourselves but that still means we have no control over the PA or the monitors), and an untamed power-supply attempting to devour Justine's bass-lines, we did our best and I have to say I had a great time regardless. Next time, we'll make sure we're louder!

The devil is in the details, but the real pleasure is in the bigger picture.

(Lee guarding the equipment)

"We live in a world with a very deeply ingrained addiction to gain..."
Whitley Strieber, The Key.


The Mekano Set



Friday 6th April London

Friday 6th April, we're back in London for a night in Kentish Town. If you're very good, we're going to do something a bit special. Unexpect the Expected.

Meanwhile, the wonderful Martin Oldgoth plays a track from us on the April edition of Thirteen13: http://www.mixcloud.com/NightbreedRadio/thirteen13-april-2012/ 

And not forgetting, today's theme tune, which today is... down, down-beat, and downright dirty: http://offender.viinyl.com/

The Mekano Set