Everyman Theatre - Light Night 2015 - The Mekano Set - Alchemy

I remember this day quite well. It started after I'd logged my digital doppelganger offline. The sun was suggestive, the wind was lazy, even ignorant. 

In the blissfully immigrant ALDI I stood wearing a hat and listening to someone husky. This was an effort to smooth the edges of my guilt for not helping with the gear for the gig. Schweppes and lemons! And I've even bought Gin! Sim-sala-bim! 

Will the Everyman Theatre always smell like a new building? I was on-time-early and I was not wearing stripes (Zoviet / Gulag / The Prisoner / sailor homage) because I had to. 

I was wearing shirt and tie, which could have said many a-thing about me, but was, in fact, a lie. Among the commotion on the ground floor Milk greeted me with a firmly-Pink-Black-Triangle-Socialist-Party deliberacy. 

We went upstairs, my rubber soles squeaking black polished footsteps. He showed me the room, which was about the size of a Wilhelm Reich's Orgone accumulator. Great. As it was going to be used for exactly the same purpose. It had secret doors and invisible windows and carpet under the laminate. And 'behind-the-screens' back-projector. 

As we stood on the smoke-free balcony contemplating man made contradictions we saw Sandra Tsch cheerfully approaching the bread to make the Mek sandwich. She was also wearing stripes and her smile was real curved. Then we started setting up, but that part escapes my recollection. I began to feel dry. 

The pre-show existence is complete purgatory. Each of us picked a corner and began to assemble their transmission-communication devices. Once the three rivers were merged into one, the chairs were generated onto the bridge and the sky appeared in the mirror above. We were free to meet the angles in the staff communal area. So we took the staff staircase, which for it's undeniably Brutalist concrete properties will become a future location for the famous getaway scene in the not-yet-renowned ambient thriller 'Sterile Sinfulness', and in the communal area we met ourselves and had some lemons.

Arthur Habsburg, Liverpool / M√ľnster September 2015

A live recording of the performance of 'Water Flowing Up a Hill' with visuals from the projections can be viewed at https://youtu.be/Q3FlV_0bu9w