New track Aminal up on our myspace. Next gig = Tuesday June 3rd @ The Good Ship, Kilburn. With visuals and infra-sound by HRT!


And a fucking hello to you too! Oh yes.

But you're not actually going out dressed like that are you?

I'm still here.

Following three weeks without any kind of sensible sleep or food. Another hard drive bit the dust. Typically, on the same day we receive a rather scary gift in the form an iPhone... It's all gone gloriously manic once again I guess. No time to stop and think. You just have to get on with it.

An excellent recording session on saturday. A day out on sunday, an excellent Flame On gig / house warming at Flame House. We're not in a rush to gig but there's a couple of possibles including some summer festival dates. Yes, seriously.

I've also been patching together copies of latest 'lost' mixes for the recent batch of CD orders - some recent stuff is maybe gone for good, but the likes of Something, You're The One and Hope from the recent live sets are safe thank fook. I'm waiting for the go ahead from Garfield for copies of Reel / Invisible (those songs are never going to go away are they? Goes to show you that it's not just about production!).