We're walking through a market place that's like a vast outdoor cloak-room. There's a music festival going on a little further along. They're using mirrors to make things appear bigger than they are. The stage is a huge tilted mirror. There's about thirty people all sat on the ground. I can see my brother backstage larking about with The Horrors.

"How do you know The Horrors?" I ask him when he joins us.
"They work in the same supermarket as me." He says.

Beth hands me a package. It's got "my brother's little brother" in it. He's tiny. I hold his tiny hand as we walk through the coat-hangers.

We have a TV in our house for the first time in two or three years. I can't believe the utter shit I've been missing out on. The liquid insults that are 'adverts' for liquid filth I cannot believe. We've got 200 channels and it's the same utter shit day and night.

I'm watching Children of Men again on DVD and In Search of the Miraculous on youtube. And I've just run out of fags. And it's 5 am. And I'm struggling to do more in the time allowed. Trying to sort out the new CD. I've re-recorded some of the vocals, they're maybe a bit too big and harsh. Taken some bass end off - ridiculous that you get more bass end in a voice than a bass guitar. Still working on the bass sound too, it sounded better a couple of months ago not sure what's gone wrong there. But I'm really happy with the arrangements at the moment.