All Change: The Lives and Times of The Mekano Set

I'm currently in the process of relocating instruments, equipment, studio and life to Liverpool. 

Why Milk Why?!

Brighton is a great place to hide. It's a great place to do nothing. But not a great place if you want to get stuff done.


So... what we're planning to do next is to try to make something a bit more special than another batch of bandcamp / iTunes / Spotify releases. Once the songs are mixed and mastered, we want to put out a high quality digipak CD package of songs that won't just be available online.

Something with a seriously lush inlay / sleeve / booklet / gate-fold digipak etc.

I've always said I don't want to do another 'album'. But after putting Behind The Sins together I feel that there's something that we can do with a full-length CD that can still be experimental and fun. I'm thinking of segments of 3 / 4 songs that work well together, then a pure location / drone track then another 3 songs...

As well as the noise-scapes we've put out and about via Viinyl.com, leaving USB Juju sticks on trains and park benches etc. we do have some new songs that are pretty much completed. I just need to finish the mixes - I mean, I just have to STOP mixing them.

Photography c/o Dark Waters Festival, Mel Butler Photography, David McKnight @ Davefish Photography.

The Mekano Set


Second Hand VHS Video Cassette Tapes

So, what have you been up to lately? We've been keeping busy assembling noises for our next adventure in sounds and spaces. Also:

A video we made while recording up in Southport / Liverpool:

A silly video we made while recuperating in Southport / Liverpool:

A video we keep watching: Over the Sea by Jesse Rae

And a song I'm hoping to persuade my fellow Mekanics to try a cover of: Getting Away With It by Electronic. 

And a collage of recent images for our song Glass Keys:

And of course, no day at Mekano Towers would be complete without a bit of Mark Hollis (Talk Talk):

The Mekano Set