All Change: The Lives and Times of The Mekano Set

I'm currently in the process of relocating instruments, equipment, studio and life to Liverpool. 

Why Milk Why?!

Brighton is a great place to hide. It's a great place to do nothing. But not a great place if you want to get stuff done.


So... what we're planning to do next is to try to make something a bit more special than another batch of bandcamp / iTunes / Spotify releases. Once the songs are mixed and mastered, we want to put out a high quality digipak CD package of songs that won't just be available online.

Something with a seriously lush inlay / sleeve / booklet / gate-fold digipak etc.

I've always said I don't want to do another 'album'. But after putting Behind The Sins together I feel that there's something that we can do with a full-length CD that can still be experimental and fun. I'm thinking of segments of 3 / 4 songs that work well together, then a pure location / drone track then another 3 songs...

As well as the noise-scapes we've put out and about via Viinyl.com, leaving USB Juju sticks on trains and park benches etc. we do have some new songs that are pretty much completed. I just need to finish the mixes - I mean, I just have to STOP mixing them.

Photography c/o Dark Waters Festival, Mel Butler Photography, David McKnight @ Davefish Photography.

The Mekano Set