The Mekano Summer Set

Berlin Graffitti

Following our inspirational expeditions to the mega city of Berlin (imagine a place where you can hear adventurous music in public seven days a week, grab a vegan feast on every street, and a decent beer for less than £1), we've completed a mix and remix for London dirty-electro sleaze merchants Blindness.

Abstand : Berlin : Prost!

Plans for gigs are temporarily on hold as Arthur continues to explore That Europe inside aeroplane machines (intent on bringing back new and exotic sound samples), and Chucky having temporarily departed into the 1920s via the medium of Acting (and possibly a time machine). But come late July, we should be back on track to take the Meks back into the streets and alleys for your aural disturbance.

Our last live outing (Liverpool Kazimier) was such a blast and it was great to really get into exploring certain grooves like 
Fires Made Safe and Heatwave all over again.

In the meantime, we are looking to polish up and publish two or three new songs, one of which (8 Mile High Cloud) was previously only available on the CD version of the
 Pareidolia e.p.

Work continues on Mekhan Rising - the sequel to our audio documentary Behind The Sins - a Mekstory Channel audio doc that explores the legend of The Mekhan: a mythological Springheel Jack-liked trickster figure and features new music from us.

I'm also tidying up a live recording of our performance of Water Flowing Up a Hill at Liverpool's Everyman Theatre in May. And we also have videos for Pages and The Lighter (from the Pareidolia e.p.) - see below

"The essence of reality is not fact but question. There are no facts, only truths." The Key, Whitley Strieber.

The Mekano Set : Pages

The Mekano Set : The Lighter (edit)

The Mekano Set