Like a dreamless sleep.

Sorry that we've been so quiet. We've been busy doing stuff rather than writing about doing stuff.

Been thinking a lot about outsiders. Outcasts. How we want to belong but never quite seem to fit in. We've got our own thing going on. I never really appreciated that. Making the most of that. Got some tricks up our sleeves.

You find a gang who all dress like you. But people are people. And it's not enough to just dress like your friends. But more on that later...

Also been thinking again about how making CD's and doing gigs just aren't enough anymore. Boring. Boooring. So we're working on some things, some happenings and objects and stuff. Just to keep things interesting. Won't say much yet cause it's early days. But expect a few surprises.

Some ace new mixes going on. Really making progress in terms of the sound, the arrangements. All that crap. Really getting the hang of all that. Again, more details soon.

There are now a couple of videos for Thirst and Something Wicked This Way Comes. Thanks to MsD and Ruse23 for filming us doing stuff, and taking the time to put it all together and make it look nice. There's a rough edit of Something Wicked up on youtube at the moment.

Also had a great session with Al and Jo. The makings of another fine CDoG mess we've gotten ourselves into. Avant BBC Radiophonic Workshop train station stories... CDoG doing Sapphire and Steel. If I get my way...

Anyway, I'm going to bed. Night. X