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Hello kids.

As you may have noticed (or not – you ungrateful brats! boo hoo :P), I have been away for a while.
I’ve been to 7 different cash points at 3 different Fashion weeks in 4 different countries. I got a haircut. It was my birthday. I read half a book. I accidentally volunteered in a third world country hospital. I got my heart broken.

blue skies, eh?

But all that doesn’t matter, because Mekano-Milk urgently needed me to compile a list of some of the old and new Mekano songs he’s put up on viinyl.com over the last few months, and to write some mini-reviews so y’all don’t get too confused (because they never name the goddamn songs after anything that’s in the lyrics, ya know…)

He said to mention that “they strike quite a good balance between the post punk and the more groove beats electro dancy stuff” but I don’t know exactly what he means by that so that’s why I’m just quoting him here. I’m not psychic, you know.

but maybe these ladies are.

Loom http://loommarmaladesoupmix.viinyl.com
This song sounds like you’re going through one of those underground tunnels in a car, watching the orange lights go by and wondering what you’re even doing with your life, because you’re not sure who the person driving the car is, nor where you’re headed.

No Place http://noplace.viinyl.com
It’s a bit like a film set in the woods – it feels like you’re outdoors, but really, you’re not. You’re just stuffing popcorn into your face.
or crisps. or bits of glass. whatever.

No High http://nohigh.viinyl.com
This one has a tune like a friendly robot humming along while he’s making your tea. Then it gets more interesting. I like this one. Maybe because it sounds a bit like a song?

Plavitsa http://plavitsa.viinyl.com
Bit of an undergroundy vibe going on here. Imagine a wine cellar, but instead of wine there’s all antique medical equipment and shit on the shelves.

only dog knows what's going on

Sumni http://sumni.viinyl.com
I like to listen to this one while I’m in the bathtub.
(Not really. I’ve just heard it for the first time.)
It’s… groovy?

Lavia http://lavia.viinyl.com
So I’m not really sure but I think it’s about lady parts? Like, a bit rough around the edges and has a solid rhythm. The song, I mean.

Reaching Out http://reachingout.viinyl.com
This song is most definitely set on a different planet. I think it might have even been recorded on a different frequency or something (I haven’t done any research). Justine sent it to NASA and asked them to take it back to where it belongs, but they wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole. Bastards.

Glass Keys http://glasskeysvendridinoirmix1.viinyl.com
So I got these really cute heels in New York, and they’re dark red and velvety and hurt your toes like the bajeezus . And they just made me think of Cinderella, even though nothing on them is made out of glass, and also, she’s supposed to be all innocent and shit, and these shoes really don’t look innocent at all and… where was I?
…oh yeah I don’t know whether they mean door-keys or keyboard-keys so I’m just keeping shtum on this one.

Even Stevens http://evenstevensunevenstevensmix.viinyl.com
A hint of citrus, served on a bed of echoing despair.

You’re Full of You http://yourefullofyou.viinyl.com
If a vacuum cleaner and a blender had a baby… and it went back to the 80s to stop its grandmother from falling in love with its own brother, but at the same time they had to save the world from pollution… this would be the soundtrack. Probably.
that is some spikey shit, dude

A Chased Hart http://achasedheartdemo.viinyl.com
Don’t play this one to your pets. They will literally go nuts. My favourite dress as well. Ruined.

Theme for Mr. Stew http://stewartleetheme.viinyl.com
I don't get this. It's not even funny. Milk Mckenzie's let himself go.

crap crap crap
 Over and out, kiddos.

SIN xxx