Behind The Sins: Situationist Soundscapes and the Politics of Sound

We've spent December working on something a little bit different. The end result is an hour long adventure in sounds and spaces: an audio collage of unreleased material, some brand new songs, interviews in unusual locations, found sounds and some curious home-grown sci-fi sound effects...

Through the gentle ambience of The NASA Tearooms, Imercia's strangest shopping malls and slow-motion x-ray shores, listen to us clarify and cloud our take on the politics of sound and gender, Humanitarian Anarchism, and Alternative / Goth / Post-Punk sensibilities... soundtracked by some Situationist Soundscapes, new songs and exclusive mixes:


We like to experiment and we're never satisfied with conventional song structures. As a kid I had almost no interest in music at all, but I would sit in my room and tune the radio on an old Boombox, recording Short Wave radio signals from what seemed like other worlds. I liked the idea of writing things like radio plays and found the occasional experimental radio piece I stumbled across really intriguing.  

So this has turned into something I'm really excited about, and it also gave the band an opportunity to clarify our stance in terms of politics, gender and beyond (or Things Beyond). It also gave our occasional P.R. / P.A.  S.W. Tucker the opportunity to spread the wings of her Pop Journalist pretentions and voice some questions / concerns. There are tentative plans to do more along these lines. 

The finished piece is available for download along with all of the featured songs (19 tracks in total) as separate files. There will also be a limited edition CD with sleeve artwork designed by Lee. If you want to reserve yourself a copy send an email to mekanoset@gmail.com

What else? Well seeing as it's the season of giving, here is a special wintery soundscape mix of Tidehouse, re-titled Yuletide House: http://yuletidehousetidehouse.viinyl.com/ 

And some recent highlights up for grabs:

Hahaharem, our latest, most exotic ep to date. A mix of grimy bass and beats, swirly electric 12 string and fuzzed-up baritone guitars: http://themekanoset.bandcamp.com/album/hahaharem 

A new song currently in the works: http://scarreddemo.viinyl.com/

Our dirty-groovy cover of Bonnie and Clyde by Serge Gainsbourg and Brigitte Bardot:  http://bonnieandclydeveryrough.viinyl.com/

A version of our Post-Punk anthem, Sweets http://donteatallofthesweets.viinyl.com/

Anyway, I'll be spending Christmoose Day watching Punk documentaries and catching up on emails. 

Season's great things to you!

The Mekano Set