We're having a much needed proper break.

Work continues apace with the book Letters From Imercia and the CD / DVD package. I'm relieved to say that we've sourced all the video footage that very nearly got lost in the latest in a long line of Mac deaths. They can't take the pace - they're just not built to last!

Letters From Imercia is steadily taking shape (previews have been reducing people to tears AND laughter). There's a new promo in the works for I'mFine as well as a couple of others.

We're also back in action at The Albert in January! Ahoy! Hoping to head to Hope & Anchor New Years Eve for Wrapped in Plastic gig.

Season's greetings,


The Mekano Set



This Friday we're going to be doing something a little different: a low-key, ambulant set of songs to celebrate the end of a mad busy year. Join us for drinks in the company of the legendary Dear Britch and the electro-acoustic explorimentations of Acoustic Orange.

Plus the usual audio / visual treats before, during and after. SteamPunk ahoy!


I'm also joining brilliant dirty-trip-hoppers Cylons onstage @ The Hobgoblinin Brighton this Thursday! xxx


Extract from Train of Thought - a video / performance with live soundtrack by Abstinence & Sensibility (Jo Stapleton / Beatnik Soup, and Milk / The Mekano Set): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CGWdi2rfMUE

The song 'Brentford is Well Buggy' is available @ the iTunes Store: http://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/brentford-is-well-buggy/id307921362?i=307921366&uo=6



Exhausted. The last two weeks have been all work AND play for Messrs. Mekano. I've had one nights sleep in five days. Scents and sounds make flashbacks to fun. We're not nihilists, we're romantics with criminal records.

The Albert gigs were superb - thank you to everyone that turned up (some unexpected faces in the crowd!). I think it's fair to say that Wrapped in Plastic delivered the most stylish, sophisticatedly sexy noise we've heard all year.


Really good to catch up with Garfield and the WIP girls over a 10 hour marathon of drinks and oldschool indie / post-punk tunage. Snuff, tears, laughter and salt-on-skin. Expect more Albert take-over action in the new year! NuGaze anyone?

We'll spare you the details of the rest of the evening, but I will say that we may have accidentally drank until dawn, I now know what someone else's Dental Retainer tastes like, and we discovered how popular Sahara is with posh gay ladies. No surprises really. And a fully-clothed, almost well-behaved Oli Spleen? It'll all be going in the book no doubt.

Sahara and Ruse spent a couple of days larking about on Brighton beach in the freezing wind recording footage for what looks like an animated children's story (cheers to my Gran for the vintage tiny suitcase - which I promise we did not break - and SolventBoy for the vintage dress - which I promise I did not try on whilst leaping around saying 'it's fiiiinnneeee' over and over again). Hopefully we'll find out what that's all about soon.

The Mekano Set are doing Brighton again on Friday 4th December - we're planning on doing a lo-fi, ambulant, clockwork, bontempis and tape loops set upstairs at Carolineo of Brunswick (we've been talking about doing this for the past four years!). So expect something dressy and different. An additional to the usual last-friday of the month Infernal Salon in the form of a SteamPunk Christmoose Party. So dig out your clockwork houndstooth drinking trousers!

Also quite chuffed to say that me and Jo 'Pickles' Stapleton will be attending The Chap's Grand Anarcho-Dandyist Ball the evening after!

In the words of Marmalade Atkins: "OK, let's go to the toilet..."

Special thanks for ace snaps by Howzey & MsDee.

Mekano Set Flickr Group.



Unfortunately we're not going to be able to make it to Leeds for the Amalgamation Festival this month. However, if you're in the area and you're in the mood for some militant industrial / punk / goth noise please show your support: www.amalgamation.org.uk


Colin The Night Boy

"At the time when the pop interview consisted of total inanity, Hollis veered towards insanity. Instead of being preoccupied by synths, haircuts and cocaine, he told everyone who listened that his favourite singer was Otis Redding, his favourite songwriter Burt Bacharach and his favourite band Can. Hollis immediately got a reputation as a misery guts, but didn't care. He was entirely focused on the music." Wherefore art thou Mark Hollis? The story of Hollis and his band Talk Talk has to be one of the more interesting of the synth pop era http://tinyurl.com/colinthenightboy



If you fancy being out, but would rather stay warm, let's do The Albert (we're making it smokey and nicely light for the occasion) with delicious electro-indie noises from This Mono Galaxy, The Mekano Set and Pig Lust...

Sahara with a gun


The Mekano Set are playing Brighton for the first time in 12 months. Thursday 5th November, smoke machines, treason and plot at the excellent Prince Albert on Trafalgar Street (virtually right underneath Brighton Station for those of you tempted to head down from the big smoke).


Expect smoke machines, video projections, moody lighting, indoor fireworks and top indie / electrickery between bands.

Plus on Saturday 14th November, from 2 pm, you can also see the excellent Wrapped in Plastic along with the equally brilliant Cylons @ The Albert too.

If all goes well, we hope to assemble a joyous line-up of Nu-Gaze, Electro Filth in the new year with SPC-ECO, Wrapped in Plastic and The Mekano Set!

Also, a couple of new things in the store, including that new mini-album of new songs (available as CD or download): MekanoStore.





"Thing is Milk, you can't compete with these posh boys. They're just not self-aware."

We're being driven to a party to celebrate the fact that The Mekano Set have finished something or other. Sahara has new spiky orange hair to mark the occasion, and she's clearly tripping her face off. She's been "visiting a friend, in a field!"

Lee's been doing some charity work and is in need of a drink.

Milk insists on having his picture taken with the bouncers (three middle aged African men in "amazing suits") and consequently fails to get into the club. The girl on the door says there's 200 people inside and it's 'one in one out'.

Later, he claims "it doesn't matter anyway cause I needed to get home. I left the TV on and the computer was watching it. It got the idea to build a body for itself and now the place is a total disaster."

We've decided to put out a mini album of fresh new tracks. Lovely new songs!

In terms of the physical 'And Now' album full, it's looking like it's going to be easier for us to put together a CD / DVD package than it would be for just a standard CD jewel case - and the fact is the whole thing will look a lot more appealing.

"I ran so fast my face was all over the place."

We've never really been too interested in the standard CD package anyway. Hopefully the DVD will feature all the vids, the BBC footage and interview, plus the short films from the live Mekano and Abstinence & Sensibility visuals. But we'll see how it goes. The book is also still going strong. Really want to get it done. Hope there's a few of you out there that are up for a read.

"I don't know whether I'm bored of people or just really disappointed in them."
"Maybe a little of both. I never get bored."

Moving with abandon. A kind of grace. Just don't point that thing at me.

She says "There's pleasure in a near miss."

The Mekano Set


Letters From Imercia

Sifting through old blogs and newsletters for Letters From Imercia (which is now around 200 pages long and counting):

"I do worry about outstaying my welcome. So I tend to leave pretty much just before I arrive. It's for the best."

"I have a rotten flu and my usual effects setup died on me but Budvar and the current kick-in-the-muffins situation made it all totally worthwhile."

"The girl with red hair seemed to be drunk. She had what my friends and I suspected to be cigarette burns on her arm beneath a bandage she wore. But she did not wear any shoes."

"It's been a surprisingly busy month for The Mekano Set. No, honestly, they've really been making an effort, with the all new exciting haircuts and that. Oh yes, like they just stepped out of the fucking Salon."

"So anyway yeah let's talk about music and shit. Man, you do not need prescription for that."

Milk was spotted at a recent gig actually NOT wearing the same ratty jeans and T-shirt he always wears on stage. Playing some kind of machine gun. Beth meanwhile was so enraged at this discovery that she tore her own outfit for the night to shreds with her teeth. We can neither confirm nor deny the rumour that Patrick wore flip-flops. Bass players.

"Plain music will not destroy walls, but objective music indeed can do so. And not only can it destroy but it can also build up." G. I. Gurdjieff

"In Imercia, it's considered impolite to acknowledge the presence of another person. You have to wait for them to acknowledge you."

"And then clean up mess with Mekano Set cleaning product at exclusive new hot and rad online 24-7 store where you can buy hot shit action on the toilet. You will like that."

Also - just been reminded by Big Andy you can hear our mix of Brand New Bad Idea v Cottonmouth Rocks @ www.myspace.com/brandnewbadideai Lovely tune!



Now You Know is a very new song, and probably still a work in progress, not finished but like to share: www.last.fm/music/The+Mekano+Set/Make


Fake prescription medication. Dadbands. Bratpack attitude. Trying to look Japanese. Pretending to have obscure illnesses. Ditch your iPod for an antique midi-hifi or cassette player. Grey shoes. Boring old-people drinks. Cheap wartime fags. My top ti...ps for what some wanker will be telling you to do this Autumn. Tossers.

I'm talking grey plastic slip-on shoes. Sherry. Pretending to have a fatal illness. Pretending to take your 'medication'. Getting into really boring music. Fuck the Beatles. And pretending to be Sinatra. Really old crap sci-fi tv shows too.

Oh and brown clothes too. Brown tracksuits. Brown trousers. Brown polo-necks.

Shops that let you pretend to steal stuff. Health foods designed to look and taste really unhealthy. Going out to eat a load of meat. And Katie Price's real face is more full of holes and knife scars than mine!

Also, having a bar in the corner of your room. That sort of tacky shit.

Carrying inappropriate stuff in your pockets. Dildos. Knickers. Blood-stained knives. Lock-picks. Other people's teeth.


The scent of smoke and wine on someone else's breath. The soft-sharp chime of ice in a glass. The nihilistic charm of heels on pavement. The soft smirk of a girl farting. The ugly truth of waking at dawn wrapped in cold, sweat soaked bedsheets. Cold pizza for breakfast.



Closet-Nazi Nick Griffin is overly fond of school girls? Have a listen to 'Nazis Go Home' before it gets itself into trouble: http://www.myspace.com/firesmadesafe

Love all the people.




We decided that we are much more excited about working on the book than finishing the CD. We always wanted to have a book done before we ever released any music - how obnoxious / egotistical is that? So while you can buy the album via iTunes store, at the moment we're having more fun putting the book together. The CD artwork still hasn't happened.

The CD / DVD pack is actually much closer to completion than the CD. So we might do a limited run of that if there's enough interest.

However, we're really really pleased with the new songs that have come about. We feel like we've reached a peak with the more Milk / rock centric material and can now move on to some more adventurous things.

Since we started, we've daydreamed about doing some kind of lo-fi but not acoustic set. Do versions of songs that focus on the drones and the vocals, with less emphasis on the beats and basslines, so we can all take a look at what's really going on behind the groove. All the springs and cables exposed. When we next get together we're going to give it a go and if we're happy we'll do a show or two along these lines. Especially now the whole 'electro' thing has become so bloody mainstream and cheap. Too easy now.

Meanwhile, you can join us @ http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=87903390807, there's two fresh tunes on our myspace player, and there's always something new @ http://www.thesixtyone.com/themekanoset/

Hope this finds you well,

The Meks


"My ambition," says Ruse, "was to eat every single kind of mint there is."

Arrive @ Birmingham New Street for Go! Club gig amidst riot vans and race rioting.

Digbeth is in Birmingham and is a strange place, kind of desolate but with some really cool bits and pieces (vintage clothes warehouse, massive Pagan looking man sculpture cornered by the Custard Factory). Our hotel was vast and weird.

Great to make some noise with smoke machines and visuals on the go. Oh yes. Couple of new songs (I'mFine and Plavitzia) got an airing. Sounding really good. Even thought the soundman (who looked about 12 years old) had no idea what he was doing.

I'm warming to the idea of gigging more regularly, even if the whole experience leaves you feeling bruised. Bruised but sated.

Really superb sets from Visualaudioreplicant and Miss Halliwell.

Also really really pleased to say that we're going to be playing Brighton on 5th November. Bonfire Toffee!

There's a massive full moon out there tonight. Cheers to Ruse for DJ duties + great noises from Visualaudioreplicant and Miss Halliwell.

We're playing Brighton on 5th November!!!!!!

Listening to Tony Bennett and Ruby.

The Mekano Set


Brand new songs! Now What Do We Do is up @ www.thesixtyone.com/themekanoset/ and hot off the press, I'mFine (the one we've been working on for the past couple of weeks) is up @ www.myspace.com/mekanoset


A rough-cut for the video for You're The One Who Started it is up now on youtube. Filmed by BBC Persia + The Borg @ Bar-Ax's FREEDOM OF MUSIC night @ Shepherds Bush Hall 11th July 2009:

You're The One Who Started it, written by The Mekano Set and Austin Davey (The Stuns) is dedicated to all our Meks, past, present and future. SWIDT?

The Mekano Set

It's actually not one of my favourite tunes of ours, but it seemed the most appropriate after we looked at the footage. We've just burned a rough copy of the whole gig for Lee's Mum. But no, you can't have a copy of it. At least not until we've seen all the footage available.


I smell Cava? News then. There's an interview with us @ the newly overhauled Derive website.

In otherness, I'm reliably informed that the Bush Hall gig was filmed by the BBC (who also interviewed Sahara), and Mekanoid Mike Borg. From what I've seen it looks (and sounds) really excellent. Footage from the gig is being used in a video for the song You're The One Who Started It.

Now that the warm glow of the last gig has cooled, we've returned to afternoons on the beach, but also started work on a new song we're over-excited about. Sounds like a cross between Sneaker Pimps and Kate Bush.

It will hopefully be out and about as soon as we've sorted out the mix. Definitely be doing it live next time.

I think I'm not blogging and stuff much these days because all the ideas and energy are going into other things (making music rather than writing about making music, plus actually getting out of the house once in a while).

We're off to see Wrapped in Plastic on friday night!

Until then. "I just know that something good is gonna happen."



The Mekano Set

Well that was really an excellent evening in the company of FONT @ Shepherd's Bush Hall on Thursday night. Really wonderful venue staffed by a really helpful and down-to-earth bunch of people. Thanks and very well done to everyone that braved the travel nightmares and came along. And cheers for dancing along!

Hopefully we'll have some photos from the gig up and around soon but meanwhile there's a few pre-gig snaps along with evidence of our much needed day off in Brighton @ flickr.com

My fellow Meks were really on-form, really good to have our friend and long-term supporter Russ onboard for the evening to add some much-needed noise and texture. I think that has to be the best we've sounded to-date. We all found it hard to keep still, which was tricky considering the amount of gear that was on-stage (I was convinced I was going to fall off the front of the stage). After a tough year the last couple of gigs have given me some much needed confidence boosting. We've learned a lot over the last eighteen months and it feels like the efforts have been worth it. Some great moments and I think we should have some video evidence to play around with as a result.

Special thanks to Flame On Jim for acting as our chaueffeur for the evening. And blessings to FONT for inviting us to play and generally being so welcoming.

More soon,



Some useful info for those of you concerned about getting to the Bush Hall gig tomorrow night: http://www.bushhallmusic.co.uk/HTML/tube-strike.htm

We've had a great week putting the set together and hanging out, working really hard, so treated ourselves to a particularly boozy day on the beach on Monday: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mekanoset/

There's also a feature with a bit of an interview with us @ http://bar-ax.com/bands/

Oh and I should also add that our friend Ruse (Infernal Salon, Occulture, HRT) will be helping out with all manner of unusual noises @ tomorrow night's gig.

Really looking forward to it!



This doesn't have the right edge to be a joke. I think it's real. "Lasermetal". And they "refuse to use any loops or pre programmed sequences." A clever-metal mentality with different brand-names...

"Nightsatan is a three piece synthesizer band from Turku Finland. They call their own music lasermetal and refuse to use any loops or pre programmed sequences. Everything you hear is played live. Drums are played on Roland SPD-series drumpads and numerous synthesizers are played through evil distortion pedals. On the cover of their first single (Steel Diamond) they feature Moog Source, Casio DG-20 and Yamaha KX-5."

Pure Spinal Tap. And there's no way I want to hear it.



Confirmed gig with Font @ The Bush Hall on Thursday 11th June @ The Bush Hall, 310 Uxbridge Road, London, W12 7LJ. Beautiful venue.


Have been shattered and swamped this last couple of weeks. Rehearsing and tweaking the beats on a daily basis again. A pleasant blur. But the hard work is paying off - we don't struggle in the way we used to!

And I'm listening to more music again (as opposed to just listening to endless mixes of OUR stuff).

More soon, off to Infernal Salon to check out the new Disinfo movie.



Just a quick one to say we had an absolutely great time at Divine Incest on Saturday. A thousand thank-yous to the ever charming FELICITY & DEE . Also have to say thanks to Kaveh from Fonts and the ladies of the Illuminati for putting up with our confused ranting for the evening. Imercia loves you.

So we're currently sorting out gigs @ Bush Hall and Koko. More info as soon as it's all confirmed.

"Brothers and Sisters, come together!"

That's enough for now, got to go and reassemble the toys.



We are over-the-moon to be able to say that the AND NOW album is available @ the iTunes Store! Thanks to Al and the Elementary Productions team for making this happen!




A pretty heavy week. And another one on the way. Much needed amounts of laughter and amusements. The night is young.

We are up to speed and ready to roll. But as always, at the mercy of the external world. So you do your best to observe, just observe, not take it all to heart, not try to solve or resolve. Don't know enough.

Next weekend brings a much needed visit to Divine Incest! We're very excited about this one - because it's a really great night, but also because the sound for the night will be handled by us and Divine Incest (no soundman to get confused by the lack of Les Pauls / big hair / massive drum kits / Marshall stacks etc.). LOL!

Facebook event link for Divine Incest.

Some amusing 'kandid' shots from the last week's antics: www.flickr.com/photos/mekanoset/

Updates from Imercia @ http://twitter.com/mekanoset

Divine Incest @ myspace.com

Have joy.




"The essence of that period (the 1960's) was that we didn't know what we were running up the flagpole and we weren't even sure who was shooting at it.

"Now everything's controlled. We think we know what we're doing. Someone does a rock album, it's carefully produced to sound a particular way for a particular market. Books are produced in the same way. Magazines have market research to tell them what's what. And so on." Michael Moorcock.

We're never entirely sure what it is we are doing. Sometimes I guess we're simply paying tribute to the music we love (post-punk, shoegaze, electronica, dance music, industrial, pop etc.) But at least our tastes are eclectic.

In May, longtime Mekanoids Lisa and Andy will be jetting into town to help finalize the album dealings. We've made some real progress with the whole post-production thing and we're virtually ready to go with the AND NOW album. Depending on how well it 'does', we're really keen to follow it up with things along the lines of NOT NOW (compiling the best tracks from the various incarnations and collaborations) and a compilation of remixes and the more fun and out there material. We have also been toying with a DVD comp - but that won't be an official release, just something for friends and fiends.

We were given a bootleg recording of the last gig and it's been great to be able to hear what works and what doesn't. It's also been great to hear how much real bass end we've got going on live!

I would like to clarify that we have not signed to a label as such. Elementary Recordings is a collective of people who make stuff with a blatant disregard for what is and isn't considered cool by the established media. Working together with creative types of all persuasions, Elementary is literally for the people by the people. There is NO scene. There are and will continue to be physical, digital and imaginary Elementary releases. But we retain full of control of what is and isn't released and in what form.

We are all looking forward to some nights out with Wrapped in Plastic who are playing @ Monto on Monday 11th May, and the Mekano gig @ Divine Incest on Saturday 16th May. Also hope to see you all @ the next SPC-ECO gig on Friday 8th May.

Things are also shaping up for a couple of Brighton nights!

Regular musings from Imercia @ http://twitter.com/mekanoset

I'm a very lucky bastard. Sometimes I know it too.

The Mekano Set


Well the computers are overheating, our eyes are bleary and our ears are full and waxy. We have smoked and drank ourselves senseless and another week of mixing / rehearsing / ambling / debating / larking is done and dusted.

New material definitely seems more cohesive / coherent. And still got the roughness and the unusual elements.

I think it's one of the things that is really pretty unique about The Mekano Set: unlike most bands, every song we do tends to be a bit - or a lot - different in terms of vibe and direction. But I want to be able to revisit places. It works for New Order, Massive Attack... Not a good thing to be TOO disparate.

It's a very different thing to how it was two years ago. It's still not quite a band, but it's certainly more about an overall sound rather than vocalists and backing band. I have to remember that. It's the sound that's the important thing. Yeah I get nostalgic and wish I could share what it is now with Andy, Nige and Beth, but they have lives now. I'm too obsessed. I'm not finished with this yet. I've always been a late bloomer! Give me time.

Really looking forward to the upcoming gigs. Getting back to gigging has been an odd experience, some amazing, some more like old times ('it's called a drum machine...', 'no, we don't have a 'lead guitar'', and 'it's called a female musician'. But we've taken it with humour, not just getting pissed off and disappointed like we used to. Why shouldn't we have fun?

Thanks to everyone who's stuck with us so far. Still much to do. Good people. x


WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO THAT FOR and WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN HIDING? are now up on www.myspace.com/mekanoset

"In Imercia, greeting your reflection with a smile or nod of the head is common etiquette, even if the gesture is not reciprocated."


BRENTFORD IS WELL BUGGY, the first E.P. from Abstinence and Sensibility (featuring Milk and longterm Mekano collaborator Jo Staples) is now available @ the iTunes Store!

Thanks to Elementary Recordings

Much to do, but must say that Brentford is Well Buggy almost happened by accident. A&S is pretty much based on improvization, Cava (the 'poor mans champagne'), dressing up, and generally just making music for the sheer fun of it.


Hello. A few updates, a couple of nice quotes on the press page. Working on a couple of new tunes.

We are playing the excellent Divine Incest night @ The Slaughtered Lamb Saturday 16th May.

Also, the excellent Wrapped in Plastic play Monto Water Rats Monday 11th May.

We are still unable to confirm if we're playing the Occulture Festival on Saturday 23rd May.

However, we are definitely up for Leeds in November! A Militant Leftwing Industrial Festival? We think so! Need to represent. And I also want to say just how much I'm enjoying all of this right now. We are working really hard. And loving every minute of it.



Check DJ Cruel Britannia's Fadeout show on Phoenix Radio Saturday @ 6pm to hear an interview and a live track. We had a good old rant backstage @ the last gig. Should be fun:


Gig @ Giffard Arms in Wolvs possibly the best we've ever sounded. Never been treated so well and made to feel so welcome before. Thanks to all involved and everyone who came.


An excellent weekend recording and getting ready for upcoming gigs in March. A couple of new tracks coming together. Putting the finishing touches to the album!

Drop us a line to get on the list for reduced Mekanist entrance fee for the Monto 226 gig if you're strapped for cash.

See you soon!

The Meks


You know what it's like - it's the middle of the night and you have an uncontrollable urge to watch BACK TO THE FUTURE. I'm getting edgy. Dread silvering about the edges of thought patterns.

But I remind myself I've really done a load of work on mixes. Nearly done. It's going to be two CD's worth I think. Not a 'good stuff' and 'cast offs' thing though - just tracks assembled according to vibe, more than I can fit on one CD.

There's two or three clear different vibes that we 'done': the 'dirty manic-organic groove' stuff, the down-tempo 'this is the sound of the end of the world' stuff, and the 'up-beat manic-catchy' things. I can't wait to get them out to you but I have to be patient, cause the tracks sound so much stronger now that I know what I'm doing.

Really need to watch Little Shop of Horrors now. Jesus.

You know, you would not believe the amount of stuff I've got in the 'unfinished' folders on these hard drives. I really need to take stock.


Hello. And season's greetings. I had a pretty quiet one. A bit flu'd up and have been working pretty hard so took it easy whether I wanted to or not!

So it's true, we are working on an album. The songs are all done, most of the recordings are complete. We haven't decided on the track listing yet but there's more than enough material. We are all aiming for a release date of April 2009.

Well, time to get back to work.

All the best,


The Mekano Set