The Mekano Set

Well that was really an excellent evening in the company of FONT @ Shepherd's Bush Hall on Thursday night. Really wonderful venue staffed by a really helpful and down-to-earth bunch of people. Thanks and very well done to everyone that braved the travel nightmares and came along. And cheers for dancing along!

Hopefully we'll have some photos from the gig up and around soon but meanwhile there's a few pre-gig snaps along with evidence of our much needed day off in Brighton @ flickr.com

My fellow Meks were really on-form, really good to have our friend and long-term supporter Russ onboard for the evening to add some much-needed noise and texture. I think that has to be the best we've sounded to-date. We all found it hard to keep still, which was tricky considering the amount of gear that was on-stage (I was convinced I was going to fall off the front of the stage). After a tough year the last couple of gigs have given me some much needed confidence boosting. We've learned a lot over the last eighteen months and it feels like the efforts have been worth it. Some great moments and I think we should have some video evidence to play around with as a result.

Special thanks to Flame On Jim for acting as our chaueffeur for the evening. And blessings to FONT for inviting us to play and generally being so welcoming.

More soon,