Colin The Night Boy

"At the time when the pop interview consisted of total inanity, Hollis veered towards insanity. Instead of being preoccupied by synths, haircuts and cocaine, he told everyone who listened that his favourite singer was Otis Redding, his favourite songwriter Burt Bacharach and his favourite band Can. Hollis immediately got a reputation as a misery guts, but didn't care. He was entirely focused on the music." Wherefore art thou Mark Hollis? The story of Hollis and his band Talk Talk has to be one of the more interesting of the synth pop era http://tinyurl.com/colinthenightboy



If you fancy being out, but would rather stay warm, let's do The Albert (we're making it smokey and nicely light for the occasion) with delicious electro-indie noises from This Mono Galaxy, The Mekano Set and Pig Lust...

Sahara with a gun


The Mekano Set are playing Brighton for the first time in 12 months. Thursday 5th November, smoke machines, treason and plot at the excellent Prince Albert on Trafalgar Street (virtually right underneath Brighton Station for those of you tempted to head down from the big smoke).


Expect smoke machines, video projections, moody lighting, indoor fireworks and top indie / electrickery between bands.

Plus on Saturday 14th November, from 2 pm, you can also see the excellent Wrapped in Plastic along with the equally brilliant Cylons @ The Albert too.

If all goes well, we hope to assemble a joyous line-up of Nu-Gaze, Electro Filth in the new year with SPC-ECO, Wrapped in Plastic and The Mekano Set!

Also, a couple of new things in the store, including that new mini-album of new songs (available as CD or download): MekanoStore.





"Thing is Milk, you can't compete with these posh boys. They're just not self-aware."

We're being driven to a party to celebrate the fact that The Mekano Set have finished something or other. Sahara has new spiky orange hair to mark the occasion, and she's clearly tripping her face off. She's been "visiting a friend, in a field!"

Lee's been doing some charity work and is in need of a drink.

Milk insists on having his picture taken with the bouncers (three middle aged African men in "amazing suits") and consequently fails to get into the club. The girl on the door says there's 200 people inside and it's 'one in one out'.

Later, he claims "it doesn't matter anyway cause I needed to get home. I left the TV on and the computer was watching it. It got the idea to build a body for itself and now the place is a total disaster."

We've decided to put out a mini album of fresh new tracks. Lovely new songs!

In terms of the physical 'And Now' album full, it's looking like it's going to be easier for us to put together a CD / DVD package than it would be for just a standard CD jewel case - and the fact is the whole thing will look a lot more appealing.

"I ran so fast my face was all over the place."

We've never really been too interested in the standard CD package anyway. Hopefully the DVD will feature all the vids, the BBC footage and interview, plus the short films from the live Mekano and Abstinence & Sensibility visuals. But we'll see how it goes. The book is also still going strong. Really want to get it done. Hope there's a few of you out there that are up for a read.

"I don't know whether I'm bored of people or just really disappointed in them."
"Maybe a little of both. I never get bored."

Moving with abandon. A kind of grace. Just don't point that thing at me.

She says "There's pleasure in a near miss."

The Mekano Set