Bands want to be seen, not heard.


We're back home bruised, humbled and shocked after the gig.

• You guessed it. We like pop music.

• The next big thing, they want to sound like their favourite band - and that's it. They don't want to take their favourite sounds any further.

• We say imitation is not enough.

• We are bored. We want to dance. We want to hear something new. While dancing.

• Nobody else is going to do that for us.

• Your average band couldn't care less what they sound like. It's low on the list, if it's on the list at all.

There are some people that travel their own path. Regardless. And fill us full of joy and hope as a consequence.

Little Specks of Blood Lust Blood

This Mono Galaxy

Fall of Efrafa


Belle Phoenix

Al Neilson


People like Meatbreak, DJ Sara Proxy, Elementary Productions, Martin Oldgoth, DJ Cavey Nick and DJ Bill Buttock. Two fingers up to what 'you should do'.

So excuse us, if we bow out, while still listening to Wiley, Magazine, Beyonce, Ivor Cutler, Autechre, The Clash, Kate Bush - and whatever else takes our fancy.

None of their rules. Don't call it a day. Make a night of it.

(Lee celebrates a job well done)

And if you actually believe that we are giving up, you can piss off and leave us alone.

Lee / Milk.

The Mekano Set


Bye Bye Brighton

Hey, have you done something different with your hair? We're playing an afternoon session at The Albert this Saturday - 12th February. It looks like this will be our last gig for a while. The perfect crime?

You want something on your feet. You'll catch your death. Bye Bye Brighton will be another sweet MatineƩ Mashup. These things have been so much fun we couldn't refuse. You get the playing live bit out of the way nice and early, then it be party time! So it'll be a groovy opportunity to say our goodbyes. http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=192784037415381

We'll be selling and giving away what we have left of an assortment of ep's, posters and books, and there might even be a pre-release version of the DVD in amongst the goodies.

So, due to circumstances beyond my control it looks like I'm leaving Brighton in a couple of weeks. The owner of the building we've recorded, rehearsed and kipped in for the last 2 / 3 years is selling the place. I'm gutted, and not looking forward to the prospect of shifting the shocking amount of gear we've accumulated over the last couple of years. But I think it will do me good to take a break from life down south for a bit.

My plan is to spend March re-reading Julian Cope biographies, drinking Guinness and Vimto and seeing what happens next. No pressure.

I tell you, seriously, we've done some really ace gigs over the last few months, and the latest batch of songs are the best we've done to date, but as we get better at doing what we do, I feel less and less pressure to prove anything.

So, if you're thirsty, have a look at our last.fm page for some fresh mixes.

Here's an interview with me, Lee and Sahara that I have absolutely no memory of doing: http://www.iranrock.com/index.php?option=com_portfolio&id=103&view=item&Itemid=95


Bye Bye Brighton: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=192784037415381

Live bands and DJ's from 2 pm - 5 pm. Then drinks and debate until the wee hours!

Need any more info you can drop us a line via mekanosetatgmail.com

Computers. Some times I get so sick of having to press everything TWICE.