Well the computers are overheating, our eyes are bleary and our ears are full and waxy. We have smoked and drank ourselves senseless and another week of mixing / rehearsing / ambling / debating / larking is done and dusted.

New material definitely seems more cohesive / coherent. And still got the roughness and the unusual elements.

I think it's one of the things that is really pretty unique about The Mekano Set: unlike most bands, every song we do tends to be a bit - or a lot - different in terms of vibe and direction. But I want to be able to revisit places. It works for New Order, Massive Attack... Not a good thing to be TOO disparate.

It's a very different thing to how it was two years ago. It's still not quite a band, but it's certainly more about an overall sound rather than vocalists and backing band. I have to remember that. It's the sound that's the important thing. Yeah I get nostalgic and wish I could share what it is now with Andy, Nige and Beth, but they have lives now. I'm too obsessed. I'm not finished with this yet. I've always been a late bloomer! Give me time.

Really looking forward to the upcoming gigs. Getting back to gigging has been an odd experience, some amazing, some more like old times ('it's called a drum machine...', 'no, we don't have a 'lead guitar'', and 'it's called a female musician'. But we've taken it with humour, not just getting pissed off and disappointed like we used to. Why shouldn't we have fun?

Thanks to everyone who's stuck with us so far. Still much to do. Good people. x