"The essence of that period (the 1960's) was that we didn't know what we were running up the flagpole and we weren't even sure who was shooting at it.

"Now everything's controlled. We think we know what we're doing. Someone does a rock album, it's carefully produced to sound a particular way for a particular market. Books are produced in the same way. Magazines have market research to tell them what's what. And so on." Michael Moorcock.

We're never entirely sure what it is we are doing. Sometimes I guess we're simply paying tribute to the music we love (post-punk, shoegaze, electronica, dance music, industrial, pop etc.) But at least our tastes are eclectic.

In May, longtime Mekanoids Lisa and Andy will be jetting into town to help finalize the album dealings. We've made some real progress with the whole post-production thing and we're virtually ready to go with the AND NOW album. Depending on how well it 'does', we're really keen to follow it up with things along the lines of NOT NOW (compiling the best tracks from the various incarnations and collaborations) and a compilation of remixes and the more fun and out there material. We have also been toying with a DVD comp - but that won't be an official release, just something for friends and fiends.

We were given a bootleg recording of the last gig and it's been great to be able to hear what works and what doesn't. It's also been great to hear how much real bass end we've got going on live!

I would like to clarify that we have not signed to a label as such. Elementary Recordings is a collective of people who make stuff with a blatant disregard for what is and isn't considered cool by the established media. Working together with creative types of all persuasions, Elementary is literally for the people by the people. There is NO scene. There are and will continue to be physical, digital and imaginary Elementary releases. But we retain full of control of what is and isn't released and in what form.

We are all looking forward to some nights out with Wrapped in Plastic who are playing @ Monto on Monday 11th May, and the Mekano gig @ Divine Incest on Saturday 16th May. Also hope to see you all @ the next SPC-ECO gig on Friday 8th May.

Things are also shaping up for a couple of Brighton nights!

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I'm a very lucky bastard. Sometimes I know it too.

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