A pretty heavy week. And another one on the way. Much needed amounts of laughter and amusements. The night is young.

We are up to speed and ready to roll. But as always, at the mercy of the external world. So you do your best to observe, just observe, not take it all to heart, not try to solve or resolve. Don't know enough.

Next weekend brings a much needed visit to Divine Incest! We're very excited about this one - because it's a really great night, but also because the sound for the night will be handled by us and Divine Incest (no soundman to get confused by the lack of Les Pauls / big hair / massive drum kits / Marshall stacks etc.). LOL!

Facebook event link for Divine Incest.

Some amusing 'kandid' shots from the last week's antics: www.flickr.com/photos/mekanoset/

Updates from Imercia @ http://twitter.com/mekanoset

Divine Incest @ myspace.com

Have joy.