It's like we've always said: the industry, perpetually several steps behind what's really going on in the world, never fails to jump onboard and lend its full support, long after the party's over.

In The Guardian today, Caroline Sullivan writes:

Is this the end of the band? James Oldham, head of A&R at A&M Records, says: "All A&R departments have been saying to managers and lawyers, 'Don't give us any more bands, because we're not going to sign them, and they're not going to sell records.' So everything we've been put onto is electronic in nature. British guitar bands became characterised as meat-and-two-veg - dull, bland, thin gruel, whereas this is seen as sleek, modernist, exciting, a mish-mash of modern elements."


And if this IS the case, I'm kind of glad we're turning away from all things 'electronic'. As a band that's been tagged with the term for a while, we've consistently been way too noisy and raw for the electro crowd (chuck a vintage synth in the mix for your bland indie fart-water). And far more electronic than your average electro act (live loops = too confusing. Drum machines = cheating. Guitars that sound like synths, synths that sound like guitars = too fucking weird)

But you know, this "exciting... mish-mash of modern elements" is just as retro, bland and thin as the boys with guitars brigade.

Can we move on? No, of course not.