SteamPunk ?

Tonite tonite... dig out your steam powered drinking trousers and your clockwork smoking lungs... something of an accidental SteamPunk themed night tonight @ The Albert in Brighton. Excitements! Should be a really great night of conducive / complimentary / contrasting musics...

Those delighful SteamPunk Troubadours Trousseaux:

The Mekano Set (that's us)

Weimar-era Indie cabaret punkers Bird Eats Baby will dazzle your eyes and ears with an acoustic set of constructivist anthems:


Mr. DJ Laurence Dean (Fokka Wolf / Not For Resale) will play for your pleasure, platters on gramophones / stereo radiograms.

In summing up: a night of exotic electrickery...
"Beneath the beach, the pavement."


Brought to you by Whoops! Kev Kilter and Please Make Sense. Sponsored by Long Pig, Sweat and Tears. We do it because we love you dammit.

8.30 'til L8-30 @ The Prince Albert, 48 Trafalgar Street, Brighton, BN1 4ED

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