Been working hard like a good boy for two weeks solid so I'm being a bit more sociable at the moment. Also enjoying people double-take when they see my current appearance.

I have been wined and dined to such an extent that I can barely move. I can feel the walls of my stomach stretching as I type.

Just returned from an evening hanging out with Jo (Beatniksoup). Vast amount of the above was required in order for me to feel even vaguely relaxed enough to have my picture taken without constantly bursting into fits of laughter and smirkage.

From day one we always wanted to document things not just in sound but with words and pictures as well. And not in the usual sense of 'we don't have any songs but check out our new photo session' / check out the fan art / join our street team kind of way. If anyone got in a fight our first reaction was always 'are you ok' quickly followed by 'shall we take some photos of your bruises?' That's why we want to do a book instead of just another CD / download.

So yes, on Monday morning I had a bit of an accident and ended up having to take it easy for a couple of days. We thought it would be useful to document my once-again painkiller-becalmed expression, scuffs, scars and bruises. Combined with a new found inability to stand up for very long without my knees giving way.

Snappy snaps. I like the fact that we ended up with a bit of a Derek Jarman vibe going on.

In other news, we are pretty close now to having enough finished tracks for a second album. We're under no obligations to actually do a second album, and there's been no pressure to. But having spoken with the scallies at Elementary, we're going to come up with something that combines audio AND something a bit off the wall physically.

The priority lately has been to get the book together. But I've been enjoying so putting tracks together so much that we have ended up with enough finished mixes.

Meantime, why not have a listen to what we've been up to lately:http://soundcloud.com/mekanoset

The Mekano Set

B&W image of Milk © Beatniksoup 2010