My camera made this, it should be a picture of a face.
It's broken but making its own collages?

I've spent the day making an edit of Revolutions (the latest film / live soundtrack by Milk & BeatnikSoup) with audio from the recent performances. There's some SERIOUS bass end going on.

Now that I have less distractions (my top drinking buddy Poppins has escaped the confines of Brighton in favour of London Village, as most of my fiends seem to be doing lately, and DJ Ruse isn't really speaking to me at the moment as I keep referring to him as a fauxscist) I hope that I'll get back to putting the finishing touches on the DVD and me, Rollo and Lee plan to get together soon to go through the book.

Gigwise, it was great to get people dancing on Friday. Hello and thanks again to everyone who saw our set. The place was an absolute sweatbox, coupled with the smoke machine things certainly had an atmosphere... I was obviously enjoying myself and wasn't able to contain my smirk / sarcastic comments (I won't repeat them, if you weren't there, that's another of your losses!).

DJ Sara sporting the Imercian Flag!

Every thing feels and every thing sings.

I got to go. Work to be done.