Had a fantastic time on Friday in London. Me and Pickles (the class of 2005) subdued a couple of hundred people with Revolutions.

There's something really intense about singing when you have no idea what words or sounds are going to come out until you start. An unmic'd melodika and a voice with no script.

"Sorry if that seemed like I was asking you to knit me a jumper."

Hanging out with Nige and aching all over from lugging all the gear from one bit of London to the next under the added weight of a touch of flu / sleep deprevation.

"Sleight of hand. The art of shop-lifting and card tricks and invisibility. Because too many people fall asleep on their feet."

Bit of a party at our place on Saturday nite so no chance to catch up on sleep. Ho hum. This week = video editing, a bit of work on the book and re-mixing You Make Me Feel Like a Smiths Song for the EP. Also sifting through tracks for some potential collaborations...