Somebody said there were more former members and part-timers in the crowd than there were on stage. The set is a blur. My playing was messy - I got so wrapped up in singing I had no idea what my hands were doing. I think I played Sweets with my eyes closed the entire time. That's got to be a first. But it was so much fun.

"This is not a poem about hating men..."

Really great to see some of the old gang it was very nearly like a family reunion. Nice to see a Mekano Set t-shirt or two in the crowd. We keep saying we're going to make some new ones. Really great to see Pat and Cat and Ruairi. The crazy micks. And Sahara and Nige (who had to introduce himself as Bert Triangle to get on the guest list).

"Boy meets girl. Girl meets girl. Who looks like the boy..."

Thanks again to Ricochet Romance for inviting us along and cheers to Unkindness of Ravens for rounding off things with a blast.

The Mekano Set