In a bar near London Bridge. Writing hate-mail. Thinking about love.

A proper weekend. Friday we played East London at the incredible Ice Father Nation. A seemingly endless maze-like collection of crumbling rooms and cellar spaces. Our set was raggedy but I feel good about it.

I forgot just how good Anarchistwood are. Totally special and really amazing people. They even got me up on stage but I bottled it pretty much instantly. Elle Revel did a tasteful dance with a sheet to catch the light of a video projector.

The A Band sneakily managed to take an hour to sound check. We didn't even get a line check. Went on stage to discover all our gear had been unplugged and our cables bastardized. Which lead to the discovery that Anarchistwood's DJ setup hadn't been plugged in properly and they were in mono. Still, a wonderful night.

A quick trip to Brighton and back to deliver a few CD's. Then spent Saturday catching up with the brilliant Rory Poppins in central London. Tube nightmares and tourist attractions. Fell asleep on the night bus. A confused cab journey that ended in the driver giving up and not charging us a penny of the huge amount of dosh he could have. Funny how a couple of pints can so easily turn into a couple of bottles of wine. Fell asleep watching Boys Don't Cry.

"I would totally turn for Hilary Swank. As a boy."

So now it's Sunday. I'm waiting for Jo Staples and a 'business lunch'. I'm over-emotional due to lack of sleep and it feels good. We'll be checking out an art space underneath London Bridge station for a possible Abstinence & Sensibility piece in December.


I should say that it might be a couple more weeks before the EP is available on Spotify etc. but in the meantime if you don't want to wait you can get really high-quality downloads of the tracks right now at http://themekanoset.bandcamp.com/album/maastricht-circle


The Mekano Set