Soulgaze / Shoegrime

So we spent the last few days out in the wilds of Staffordshire, doing a little location recording, filming and celebrating the fact that we've finished the next EP.

It's called Hahaharem.  It's available now via our Bandcamp page and it'll be on Spotify, iTunes, Grooveshark etc. at the end of August (more details of that soon). http://themekanoset.bandcamp.com/album/hahaharem

It's got a vibe to it that reminds me of what we were doing when we first started making noise. It's mostly grimy, groovy and down-tempo. With lots of swirl and soil.

Just received a recording of our last gig in Brum. The amount of bass end basically renders it unusable but we might make use of the bits between songs as they're quite fun. The sound of the Industrial Midlands... Speaking which:

We managed to have a night off and pay a visit to the wonderful Dark Room (no, it's not called The Red Room and it's not in Twin Peaks, but it certainly could be)  at The Giffard Arms in Wolverhampton and have a good old rant with DJ Wild Bill Buttock about the general state of the alternative scenes in this country. Given the opportunity he'd spin nothing but Post Punk and Goth the entire night.

We also unintentionally made this while gathering some video footage:


And intentionally helped to make a video, set on the surface of Imercia:

In other news, it's our ol' partner in-noise crimes / drinkies Beth's birthday today. Happy birthday to you Garfield, hopefully catch up with you soon xx

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