We have a whole page devoted to the new ep: Hahaharem. And there will be a new edition of The Mekano Set NoiseLetter coming out in the next few days. So, what next? Well, amongst other things we've been working on a range of T-shirts that we think you'll find suitably fun / offensive: 

Go get it on yourself

Stray Recordings on the new EP: Beautifully crafted doesn't come close to describing the latest EP from The Mekano Set. But that's hardly out of the ordinary for the Meks. Abstract guitars and post-punk basslines swirl around massive, sound system crushing beats. Noise and foundsounds tickle the ears while the listener is brow-beaten with hook after hook. And it all sounds so beautiful too. Slick as fuck, with substance.

The Bandcamp release includes five bonus tracks. Splendid.

Look, even Benedict Cumberbatch seems to be enjoying himself: