And The Hipsters Sing...

BeatnickSoup Art
Soundsphere currently has an exclusive stream of our new EP http://www.soundspheremag.com/spherecast/exclusive-stream-the-mekano-set-the-three-thieves/
"It’s vast, dark and incredibly catchy throughout. We’ve got so much time for this band."
Thanks to everyone who ordered a copy or downloaded.  Life in Liverpool is pretty good. Been here for 3 months now. Should probably get out a bit more. We were going to have a bit of a break and do some exploring but were galvanized into action following an unexpectedly funny bit of confusion over at our Facebook Group.

It seems like Post-Punk and Shoegaze sounds have inevitably become 'in' with the tedious hipster / trustafarian crowd. Bandwagoning hipsters are winning praise for shamelessy ripping off the sounds, themes and lyrics of Joy Division, Siouxsie and The Banshees and The Sisters of Mercy. Song titles ripped from the lyrics of the songs they're ripping off. Poses, shoes and production values pilfered. 
 It's fine - vital even - to represent your influences, but when you only have the one, the least you can do is move it forward rather than simply replicating it. Otherwise you're just a tribute act. You'll probably earn more adoration and money as a result. 
We've been fairly criticized in the past for being too eclectic in our influences. But we're just too restless and frankly too fucking creative to be that narrow minded.  
Bit of a web-adventure promo for the new EP: http://www.mekanoset.net/threethieves/index.html
So what started out as a bad joke has turned into Black Aspirin: a shamelessly catchy tongue in cheek anti-hipster anthem. And it's possibly going to be a single... You can hear a mix of Black Aspirin via DJ Cruel Brit's blog: http://www.mixcloud.com/CruelBritannia/cruel-britannias-haunted-wardrobe-october-2013/

We also have enough outside / inside mixes (something that we've really started to enjoy working on recently) to do something with. We want to try and recreate one or two of them live: the big reverbs, the minimalism.
 And now, on a more positive note, a date for your diary: Saturday 16th November we play The Giffard Arms in Wolverhampton. The place is a bit of a legend: a real Rock and Roll establishment and home to the West Mid's finest Alternative / Post-Punk / Goth / Shoegaze music night. Expect everything from The Soft Moon to Curve:
Black Aspirin Image by BeatnickSoup.