Wednesday 19th November : SPC ECO + WRAPPED IN PLASTIC = LIVE!

As you know, SPC ECO is none other than Dean, Deb and Monti from indie / shoegaze / bigbeat legends Curve, with the delovely Rose Garcia on vocals. They do a damned fine line in down-tempo psychedelic electro shoegaze and they've still got THAT bass / guitar noise sound...

WRAPPED IN PLASTIC features the gorgeous voice of none other than Beth 'Bake or Die' Rettig, and the filthy, from-the-ankle guitar squall of Deb (Curve, SPC ECO, Echobelly). A very delicious noise.

The Mekano Set won't be playing but we will be there, and I'll be doing some sounds with my best fiend Jo Staples (see Abstinence & Sensibility for more about that) and HRT will getting the ball rolling with their usual cinematic / ritualistic shenanigans.

Plus delightful DJ's Creta Fluxorum and Poison Creeper will play an exotic mix of tunes to merge it all together.

www. myspace. com/spceco

www. myspace. com/wrappedinplasticuk

www. myspace. com/abstinenceandsensibility

www. myspace. com/hrtcorp

www. myspace. com/trainofthoughtradio

TRAIN OF THOUGHT NIGHT @ The Good Ship, 289 Kilburn High Rd, London, NW6 7JR
020 73722544

www. myspace. com/thegoodship

8pm until 2 am. £4.

We hope to do a night with the same line-up in Brighton too as soon as the venue is sorted.

Meanwhile, you can check out the TRAIN OF THOUGHT PODCAST (featuring some exclusive tracks from the likes of CARTHAGE, WRAPPED IN PLASTIC, THE FLESH MACHINE, amusing asides by some bloke called Milk, and a theme-tune some band called THE MEKANO SET?)