Well it was a hell of a gig. Absolutely excellent. Completely exhausted for a week afterwards. I'm still exhausted now but want to type a little.

Apparently I was spitting water and generally being silly, I don't remember that but it certainly sounds like me. Or at least that 'me' that comes out around Jo and Al... Ask them, I used to be a shameless mix of shamelessly silly and blatantly offensive. Or something... Now I do it all quietly and cause even more trouble. Anyway, the gig:

Wrapped in Plastic is Beth refined. Her songs (down-tempo industrial dirges where her voice stalks) have that 'organic' edge she brings to the mix. All those years scrapping with lion cubs in the bush seeping through.

SPC-ECO. Well, what can I say? I'm very glad they exist. They put these disgraceful 'Nugaze' bands (the same thieving stuck up brats that jump every other bandwagon) to the shame they deserve. They groove in a way those fakers wouldn't dream of. Why is it so hard to find a band that have noisy guitars, decent beats, some real bass end, and a unique vocal sound? Well we had a couple that night didn't we?

And there was Milk & Pickles:

And so...

'For Play' is pretty much sold out. We're keeping a few copies back for ourselves this time because I no longer have copies of the early ep's. Have recently been listening to To The Doghouse, Awake and the mix of Buoy with Beth's vocals and they all sound huge, urgent, special. Saw Patrick the other night and we were trying to work out why we only did Doghouse live just once.

I was almost on a downer but there's a new batch of tunes, and a couple of fresh mixes of the 'almost there' tracks. And I want to get them out there.

We now have a new batch of CD's almost ready to go and they look and sound way better than the last set (I know you're supposed to say stuff like that, but we're only doing it BECAUSE it's an improvement). They now have these shiny red sleeves, on-CD printing and the stickers are nicer too.

We also have enough material for an album! There's just a couple of tracks left to mix and then we need to sort out the running order (never an easy thing...). We think these might end up as jewel-cased type releases with proper artwork and stuff but we're not sure if that's really where we want to go with it.

Plus, now that there are enough promos we might do a very limited run of DVD's.

The new songs... the old songs... I think there's a definite 'natural' progression going on.

But what sort of music is it? And does that really matter? You either like it or you don't.

The Mekano Set