Apologies for lack of updates. It's been and continues to be my birthday.

Drinkies with Pickles and Mr. Kim, working on the book. Then checked into the Pelirocco hotel with a bottle of brandy and a hard copy of the manuscript. Rock and / or roll.

Then a bit of a blur, then drinks, rodents, drinks, Mexican food and drinks with SolventBoy, a 5 am cheese sandwiches with Rory (a certain supermarket now does a proper convincing pretend-bread loaf), then playback, terrorist fashions and 'miniature pints' with Lee.

Watching Boys Don't Cry and the tension mounts...

Music: fresh batch of jams all sounding clear and way more focused. Guitar (liquified) and bass (heavy NU WAVE) sounding really close to what we've been aiming for.

Tracks for the 'follow-up album' not finalized, potential for a surprise vocalist or two... And Guest DJ Ruse23 is now a very welcome guest / permanent resident.

Aware now that our DIY production values sound way more Hi-Fi big than your average indie bollocks band who spend way more cash than us on sounding lo-fi and Gang of Four, via Zep and Sabb...

The Mekano Set