Just back from a few days wandering around London and the East Coast doing some filming with Jo Staples (Beatnik Soup) and Al Neilson (Elementary Productions). Not exactly ideal weather conditions for standing on the edge of the cliffs at Beachy Heady but I'm sure it'll all look amazing on film. Proper film mind you - no digital, and no second takes.

Can't stop listening to two very different tracks: Surf Solar by Fuck Buttons (worst band name ever?) and Second Chance from the soundtrack to Lily Was Here.

Running the machines into the ground trying to finish a couple of songs and get the beats together for the weekend.

We're playing the legendary George Tavern on friday night for Brave Exhibitions AIDS Research Fundraiser (we're on about 10.00 and the night's running until about 3 am). I'm performing live soundtrack to the Train of Thought movie in Brixton on Saturday with Abstinence & Sensibility for the ARTINAVAN Brixton Village Market cinema installation.

We aim to have copies of issue 3 of The Imercian fanzine available at the Brave Exhibitions gig (featuring a scathing review of our last Albert gig, a rave review of Wrapped in Plastic's, some extracts of the forthcoming Mekano biography Letters from Imercia, and all manner of subversive funs). We're back at The Albert on Saturday 27th for another marvelous Matinée Soirée.

Also realized I'm going to have to quit my day job. There is just too much to do and the only way to move forward is to take the other foot out of the 'real world' and immerse myself in... Imercia... It's no big deal but I always felt it was healthy to have some level of normality.

Anyway, a dozen things to do. Laters.








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