I love how I get over-emotional when I haven't slept in days. Makes me feel almost human.

Anyway, hello. I'm back from a wonderful blur of a weekend in London. Brave Exhibitions on Friday was a very very good thing. Really eclectic music and acts, really good crowd. Nice to hang out with Sara again and even Alice turned up (and fell asleep).

Our first gig in a while as a trio. We basically just set up and got on with it. No hassles apart from the weird monitors making everything sound really warped (not just my imagination). No hassles though. Lee and DJ Ruse decided to head back to Brighton from Finsbury Park, at 4 am Saturday morning. Hopefully they made it back in one piece, well two pieces.

Two hours sleep then I was off to Brixton market (which is a feast for the eyes!) to meet Jo Staples (Beatnik Soup) and do our live soundtrack thing in ARTINAVAN's 'tiny cinema / artspace'.

That was great fun. Then off to the pub with Nigel. NIGEL!!!!! The man responsible for the crazed 'what the hell is that sound' melody on Reel to Real. Great to catch up with the boy and hopefully we'll get him down for a session soon.

Then off to Wrapped in Plastic @ Dublin Castle with MsDee, Sara and the Alpha Females.

Right, not time for a nap. Entirely at the mercy of whatever song comes up on random play in iTunes.


The Mekano Set