Well the gigs are certainly coming thick and fast lately. We're doing three things this week...

Details coming up next but also, there is a new newsletter on the way so drop us an email if you would like a copy.

Starting with Wednesday 24th March: I'll be conjuring up Train of Thought with Jo Staples @ The Cowley Club in Brighton for the Club Zygotic experimental / noise / dark ambulant evening. www.cowleyclub.org.uk

On Friday 26th The Meks are going to be DJ'ing @ Instant Mash @ The Cowley Club. All proceeds go to getting the infamous bar / cafe / meeting place a new sound system. Expect a fine blend of pop, post-punk, found sounds, location recordings, sex noises, one hit wonders and vintage TV theme-tunes!

Then we're reassembling for hair of the dog @ The Prince Albert for another Sweetbox Saturday Matinée! Marvyloose medicine from 2pm onwards.


What else... Mmmm... well I've been quite sociable lately. But I'm a seriously solitary person at heart. I like my space. I've always been like that. I think I've got maybe four people I'm friends with that I'm really close to and really respect. That's partly to blame for the fact that this has never been a conventional band (I'm just not willing to schmooze and if I meet someone that can help me out, I'll go out of my way to avoid them out of some warped sense of honour). The other reason being that what we do is too unconventional / not unconventional enough.

Anyway, hoping for a quiet weekend off / indoors, I ended up at Club Zygotic on Saturday staring at the combination of two posters I'd never seen before, side by side...

Having spent the last few weeks obsessing over new songs Now You Know and High Tide I've been having a break, just listening to music and getting out and about to see some bands. Met up with Nigel who's currently living in New Cross of all places.

Going through a serious Comsat Angels / Magazine phase at the moment. Still loads of nourishment to be had from Punk / Post Punk. Still a bit dazed when people think punk is nothing more than The Clash or Greenday.

"I will think of you, when I'm tired and out of it, when my bones ache, when you're fucked and falling down."

"I'm not overly fond of the use of popular song as soapbox. I tend to think that it undermines the innate power that music has to dig deep into the subconscious." David Sylvian interview @ http://www.allaboutjazz.com/php/article.php?id=35231&pg=4

Sudden flashbacks to last weekend. Meeting the Alpha Women... Like a Masonic initiate. Or should that me Matrionic? And I met Zara! Even though I was too pissed to converse. Smirks.


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