Massive mixing sessions Thursday / Friday. Mastered three or four tracks. Huge leap into the world of 'nicely EQ'd mixes'. EQ nightmares.

Met up with Sahara and Nigel. Ambled about Brick Lane in the blaze. Hung out with Jo and Nigel over the weekend.

We're doing something a bit special next Sunday: me and Jo will be playing at Queen of Hoxton at the 15 Minute Factory festival. It's an all-dayer, our contribution will happen after 7pm, downstairs (video projections + live soundtrack). These things are a lot of fun -


We've also bribed Nigel into joining the Meks for the Hope gig in Brighton on Friday 6th August with the wicked Little Specks of Blood Lust Blood! For those of you who don't know - Nigel played guitar and synth on the early recordings (those mental noises on Reel to Real are all Nigel's work).

The Mekano Set