Little Specks of Blood Lust Blood
snapped by MsDee

Having spent most of the week in bed, a remix for smoldering electro-rockers Little Specks of Blood Lust Blood has finally given me reason to get up and get to work. The song is Come Closer and I'm doing a mix I'm calling 'That's A Little Bit Too Close'. Haha.

Ruse recommended them with a smile and as soon as I saw them I got it.

They're a duo. They both loop and sample themselves live. Allan has a 'tarantula-top' style haircut, (my favourite hairstyle) and Helen makes you want to use words like Smolder and Dusky Beauty. But they're not Electro, they're not Trip-Hop and they're not a studied or contrived Synth-Pop duo.

They're actually proper Rock / Metal in terms of their arrangements and rhythms, at least to my ears. Putting a serious twist on that by doing it as a duo, with live-loops and live samples (which I can say from experience is really NOT the easy option). I like what they do because they're not trying to weld it to Trip-Hop or DnB. Nice.

It's only when you see them do it live that you really appreciate what they're about. We're playing with them at The Hope in Brighton Friday 6th August. So that means smoke machines AND video projections too. Oh yes...