An excellent all-nighter in Brighton followed by an entire day of duvets and Black Books / The IT Crowd / Father Ted back at Hotel Mekano.

Great to get the crowd moving again - a few people obviously got a bit carried away so we figured it would be best to stop before we started having to use our instruments as riot control devices. Machismo dressed as alt. culture is never an attractive site. Especially when falling flat on its face.

"You gonna be a good boy? You gonna be a good boy? Cause we wanna do another song, and you wanna dance." The look of shame on the guy's face was priceless.

For those of you at the back who didn't get to enjoy the view: one over-excited dancer careered across the full width of the dance floor and landed head first into our laptop. It didn't stop the drums so we just carried on. Although when it was clear that a small number of over-sized egos were giving the organizer (who worked very, very hard to keep the night together) grief, the mood was tainted and we pulled the plug.

Deb took a few snaps during the sound-check, before helping us out by Gaffa-Taping down make-shift speaker cables: Lee and Justine looking down-trodden when we were told there was no one around to set the PA up, so we wouldn't actually be able to play + Milk looking smug after plugging everything into anything until we got sound pumping through speakers):

The Mekano Set