Eeeeeep! Today, our new EP has appeared on The Spotifyings: http://open.spotify.com/album/3fQttVXsO2qm0yCoYgRaJz

We had, and still have, no plans to produce a second album. We're much more interested in EP's.

This is the strongest set of mixes we've produced to date. At least to our ears. Over the last 12 months we reached a point where we had a number of new ideas, and some mixes of existing tracks that came about through playing them live. So a compilation of sorts came about quite naturally.

So this is an extended EP. At least to our brains.

These songs are available to download via iTunes Store and our Bandcamp page (which has extra songs not available anywhere else).

Thank you for listening. I think if you weren't, we wouldn't be motivated quite enough to make the effort.

"Emotional electronic music made with blood, spit, tears and seminal fluid. The most f**kable record of the 21st century." Elementary Records.

The Mekano Set