Stewart Lee + Beyond Brighton

We were lucky enough to see Stewart Lee testing out new material in London on Friday night. As always he was very entertaining and particularly snarky towards mainstream comedy, and closet Fascists (a particular favourite target of ours).

Because of our love for Mr. Stew we felt it our duty to pen him his very own Mekano Theme Tune. On the off chance that we might actually get the chance to gift him a copy, we assembled a one-off physical package:

Theme for Mister Stew

Loitering in the bar before the performance, we happened to spot Mr. Stew heading towards the bar for a pre-gig pint. While Milk stood wide-eyed, jaw to the ground, Chucky (fuelled by two sips of Guinness) quickly tapped him on the shoulder and gave him our lovingly crafted package (a gatefold CD inscribed with the message "Dear Mr. Stew, we wrote a song. It is for you" combined with a copy of Behind The Sins.

Mr. Stew was on top form. We laughed so much our faces hurt.


In otherness, we will be relocating Mekano HQ to Liverpool at the end of the week. How do we feel about this?

Amongst other things, this will hopefully make it much easier for us to gig, both up north and down south.

OK, time for salsa cheese-fries and a pint at the Philharmonic Dining Rooms! x

The Mekano Set