The Mekano Set Dark Waters Festival June 2013

So having agreed to play at Dark Waters Festival in Nottingham, it slowly became apparent that things were going to be more complicated than usual.
 Lee and Justine weren't going to be able to perform at the gig, we'd all been unwell and obligated more than usual, and our last rehearsal (the night before the gig) was cancelled when the studio owners forgot to turn up to let us in. 

In Imercia, you have no need of a face
Lucky for me that Chucky (having helped record and edit Behind The Sins) was free and already knew her way around our weird way of DJing location sounds / feedback loops / found sounds etc. Plus, we'd arranged to have Ade (Mutate / Stray Dog City) join us - because you can never have too much improvized noise - and so we took the stage, having not rehearsed at all with this lineup, and it was the most fun and effortless gig I've done in ages!

It was great to do a different set again. We explored Eat the Sweets a bit and added a chilled-out epilogue, a fun version of Something Good and played Keepin It BN2 live for the first time.

The sound produced by the new line-up was interesting - sometimes we weren't sure whether the sounds we could hear lingering in the air were vocal delay or Ade's out-there guitar drones, which we later decided surely must have been a good thing.
Oh, and did we mention that the venue looks like the Bat-Cave's Goth cousin? Imagine the funs we had.
Thank you so much to promoter Dan Glitterhawk and his team of helpers for feeding and watering us, making us feel thoroughly welcome and providing us with suitable accommodation after a very long (but thoroughly enjoyable) day. Thank you to everyone who came and listened, and especially to those who came and said hello afterwards! We ran out of CDs quite quickly - should really have prepared more before we left for Notts.

The festival line-up was certainly an eclectic one. On the night we played there was everything from swaggering, foot-on-monitor Glam-Rock to swaggering, foot-on-monitor Eurobeat. Certainly I think it reminded us just how un-Rock we are, operating under a strict 'No Rock Cliché' policy. But the crowd seemed to get it, and even enjoyed our sarcastic asides, and lack of feet-on-monitors.

 Thanks also to DJ Martin Oldgoth and Brigitte for the photos and plugs!

The Meks xx

The Mekano Set